What is a Blessing?

All of the major religions view a blessing as a special favor handed to a person from that religion's highest deity. A blessing from God, Buddha or Muhammad,Christ etc. was a special event that meant health and prosperity for the people who received the blessing. Less discussed but often used are blessings for other objects, such as a building or food. These blessings are meant to bestow strength, power, durability or usefulness to those items.

Today, our world needs blessings of peace, love, compassion and happiness. Each of us can make our contributions in our own small ways and still make a big difference. If we send focused energy of blessings, we can surely transform the vibration of the world.

How a Blessing Works :

Blessings express our feelings. They need not be traditional ones. They simply need to come from the heart. When they do, they can change lives.


Blessing is a high power, pure energy or vibration which we create as thoughts and also express in words. It is important to remember that whoever our blessing is directed towards – it could be an individual, a group of people, an entire country’s population or the whole planet itself – it certainly reaches them. Being energy, it can travel even to the farthest corner of the world.

Some People came in your life as blessings, others came in your life as lessons

Blessings From GOD


Blessings are pure and powerful thoughts and words we create. We can give blessings to our self – for any sanskar we want to change, for the health of our body, for our relationships and work. Blessing means creating a thought or words of what we want the reality to be, even though it is not reality at present. It is an affirmation which radiates energy, the vibration of which creates the reality.

1. To change a sanskar of anger, Blessing – “I am a Peaceful Soul. I accept everyone as they are. I express my opinion, but with dignity. I get work done with discipline. Peace and Patience is my nature.”

2. To change a sanskar of being late, Blessing – “I am a Powerful Soul. I can be everything I choose to be. I have a sanskar of Punctuality and I always reach before time.”

3. For good health, Blessing – “I am a Pure Soul. Every cell of my body is filled with love and happiness. I have released all past hurt. My body and mind is perfect and healthy.”

4. To heal a relationship, Blessing – “I am a Loveful Soul. I create all my relationships. My relationship with ___ is a perfect relationship. All past emotions are over. We now exchange only love and acceptance for each other.”

Similarly we can create Blessings for our work or any other situation in life. Every morning create the blessing and visualize it at least 5 times. Before going to sleep these should be the last thoughts. After every hour, pause for a minute and create the blessing. Take care not to create thoughts which are opposite of the blessings, even if you can see them in reality.

 5 ways to be a blessing to others

1. Pray For Someone.
2. Pay For A Drive-Through Meal
3. Offer words of encouragement.
4. Give a Compliment
5. Write A Thank You Note

Telugu Thoughts For Daily Life

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Best Telugu Quotations For Life


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18th January -Brahma Baba's Remembrance Day

18th January:Brahma Baba's Remembrance Day.

Pitashri Brahma Baba Remembrance Day: January 18th

Pitashri Brahma was one such leading luminary who had dedicated his entire life, wealth, time, thoughts and energy in the uphill task of awakening and strengthening divinity in people and society for the world renewal and regeneration of moral and spiritual character and conduct of humankind.

Pitashri  Brahma Baba        Brahma Baba

Pitashri Brahma who was earlier known to the world as Dada Lekhraj Kriplani, was born to a village school teacher in Hyderabad Sind (undivided India) in 1876. Like morning showing the day, righteous qualities like piety, sobriety, religiosity, philanthropy, compassion and concern for the poor, weaker and vulnerable sections of society, were more manifested from the very childhood days of  Dada Lekhraj.

Dada could not understand the real portent of his experiences, but gradually it became clear that he was on the verge of a spiritual transition that was not only going to transform his own life, but that of many others as well.  The final point of the transition came when Dada’s angelic form became the medium for the Supreme to use to give spiritual knowledge.

A powerful and hushed presence, a vibration that speaks in the silence and seems to bring awe and wonder - a presence that is not human…  but he cease to be aware of them - cease to be aware of anything but the long lines of light shooting at him, like white hot wires, from a point of focus so totally concentrated that he cannot bear to look at it, in  mind’s eye… cannot bear to see it, with thoughts or with eyes… he felt transfixed by the current in those lines, those subtle wires that run right through him and glow almost unbearably hot… burning so brightly and powerfully, he was staring at the people in the room but his eyes see noting except this deep glow, a pervading red and gold, a subtle energy of life itself, glowing deep down burning and cooling at the same time - he dragged gently into a depth-less Ocean of totally cooling peace… the light comes from his face and eyes, head, and note and ears, and when he open his mouth to speak, it is as if he speak words carved out of red gold light… but they are not his words, showing Himself and showing surely that He will show more… His words…

Nija anand Swarup Shivoham Shivoham
Gyan Swarupum Shivoham Shivoham
Prakash Swarupum Shivoham Shivoham...

Brahma Baba left his body in 1969 at the age of 93. The Tower of Peace (Shanti Stambh) stands as a tribute to the invincible spirit of an ordinary human being who achieved greatness by rising up to the challenge of the deeper truths of life.

Brahma Baba-Shanti Stambh

        Shanti Stambh                Shanti Stambh

Even though,Pitashri Brahma is no more in mortal body of blood & flesh but in his angelic form of light and might, he is still guiding his one million staunch followers and rest of the humanity on the path of spiritual enlightenment, material, mental and moral empowerment & enrichment towards all engulfing rays of “Divinity, Hope & Happiness”—which is the current year theme of this global organization which is observing 18th January as World Peace & Meditation Day.
ब्रह्मा बाबा विशेष पांच कदम

ब्रह्मा बाबा विशेष पांच कदम


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Good Morning Quotes in Telugu With Images

Good Morning Quotes in Telugu With Images



Telugu Good Morning Quotes


Morning Telugu Quotes



Subhodayam Quotes in Telugu

మంచిమాటలు! Telugu Sayings


గెలవడంలో ఓడిపోవచ్చు కానీ ప్రయత్నించడంలో మాత్రం గెలిచి తీరాలి......

అందం చూసే కళ్లలో ఉండదు, సాయం చేసే చేతుల్లో ఉంటుంది...........

సాధనలేకుండా విజయాన్ని కోరుకోవడం, ఎండమావిలో నీటికై ఆశించడమే......

Telugu Sayings

Manchi Mata

ప్రవర్తన అద్దం లాంటిది మనిషి వ్యక్తిత్వం అందులో ప్రతిబింబిస్తుంది.....

జీవితంలో వైఫల్యాలూ భాగమేనని తెలుసుకున్నవారు వాటి నుంచి గుణపాఠాల్ని నేర్చుకుంటారు.....

మన కోసం చేసే పని మనతోనే అంతరించిపోతుంది, పరుల కోసం చేసేది శాశ్వతంగా నిలుస్తుంది.....

Telugu Sayings

How Food Affects Mind & Mind Affects Food

How Food Affects Mind  & Mind Affects Food

How Food Affects Mind  & Mind Affects Food

Can food really have that much of effect on Mind?
Have you noticed the central role food plays in your life?
Obviously, food plays central role in life & it affects on mind also.

As well as observing the general principles of nutrition, of appeal & enjoyment,food also has a spiritual  component. The spiritual aspect of diet incorporates the purchase, preparation, acceptance and eating of food.Food that is selected with care, prepared with love, accepted with gratitude and eaten with purity becomes a tonic for both the soul and the body. The underlying ingredient is consciousness. Where the consciousness is clean, filled with love and detachment, the food is purified, and this also purifies the body. As a result, the mind is cleaned to become free from desires and engrossment in the sense organs.
If u study the diet of the ancient yogis of India, you will notice that their approach to eating was very refined.Their were only certain types of food that they accepted, and the yogi did not over-indulge nor allowed himself/herself to be influenced by the sense of sight, smell and taste. A yogi will often fix certain times for eating & drinking and maintain that discipline. A spiritual path means to be attentive to what one eats. Abstinence from meat,egg & fish (as well as the by-products of slaughtered animals such as gelatin and rennet), from alcohol,tobacco,drugs and too much tea & coffee, is a part of the way of life of spirituality. For Spiritual reasons, many people also avoid onion, garlic and heavy spices which act as stimulants in the endocrine system and thus destabilize emotions.The diet of a yogi thus incorporates two main principles :

  • Not to cause suffering to another living being
  • Not to overstimulate the Physiological system (digestive,nervous & endocrine systems).
A basic equation that many of us are familiar with is,"As you eat, so is your mind".This is a fundamental spiritual tenet. The type and quality of food & the manner of eating affects the state of mind. Food that has been implicated in the slaughter of animals  carries a karmic debt and that becomes a burden on the human soul. Food or drink that has a stimulating effect on the body also carries a toxic load that gradually sets in motion the disease process (e.g : cancer , arterial plaque,diabetes,gallstones etc). Food that is eaten in a state of tension, anxiety,depression,anger or fear will carry those thoughts pattern and vibrations and hence affects digestion. The hormones stimulated by those vibrations in turn create further negative vibrations and hormones, and the cycle continues.

The Spiritual approach to diet includes preparing food in meditative state with feelings of love and detachment. When one feels desire-less, yet cooks with love either for the self, family and friends in the memory of God, this will carry a subtle power that energies the soul and the body. Within the parameters of an accurate spiritual diet however, its good to accept food with gratitude and not become too focused on "I can't eat this or i can't eat that" unless there specific health needs. Some people have developed the art of combining food and these days organic foods are more popular since the effect of pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics (which also effects milk, yogurt, butter and cheese) on contamination of food have become more well known. Macrobiotics is becoming more popular but doesn't necessary equate with spirituality.
          Any of these diets are good for health, the environment and awareness , but if the person following a strict regime becomes too fanatical and creates stress as a result, then many of the positive benefits will automatically be lost. 
Spirituality also includes sharing. There is nothing more wonder full than to share a beautifully cooked meal with others. By sharing , we lose our sense of attachment to food and the body  and overcome greed. The natural sustenance of food is enhanced by the power of pure vibrations and this also brings benefits on a spiritual level. Our method to bring harmony and unity in any gathering, weather it be a family, a company or amongst friends is to eat together. Food cooked with love will help to generate those feelings. 
Mothers know the power of food in settling the feelings of children and bringing a sense of contentment.

Source : (Purity Bureau)

Want to tweak your food for better moods? Here are 5 tips:

1. Reduce highly processed foods.
2. Make plant foods the majority of your plate.
3. Reduce animal fat.
4. Eat more fermented foods.
5.Avoid eating when you are angry, stressed or sad.

Inspirations from Dadi Janki

Inspirations from Dadi Janki
Inspirations from Dadi Janki

Dear Friends,Om Shanti here are Some of Inspirations talks of Dadi Janaki.

Take this one Blessing from God : I will not take sorrow from anyone.

Dadi Janki Words

Some have called the world at this time the land of sorrow .There are many situations & people that cause sorrow. God has many titles. Two that are helpful at this time are "the remover of sorrow, and the Bestower of Peace."
Make a commitment, "I should never experience any kind of sorrow ." Many people & situations gives sorrow, but i should not take sorrow. Some weak souls say that they don't give sorrow, but they take sorrow. If you keep sorrow inside you will become sick, or you will become scared, and you won't know what to say. Take this one Blessing from God : I will not take sorrow from anyone.

There could be many causes for taking sorrow, but a mature child of God will say : "it's okay , my karmic accounts are being cleared at this time, but i will not give sorrow in return or even think about it." To think about it brings sorrow. Even if someone gives sorrow ten times over, you should not accumulate it. If there is an accumulation of sorrow you will not able to remember God. Consider the Father to be yours and you will not experience sorrow. Then you will be able to take virtues and power from God and give to others.

Becoming Fearless

Becoming Fearless

Fear Is Only In The Mind– Once you grasp this concept, you’ll be prosperous and well off to living the life you desire. Fear isn’t real. When you fear, you’re putting time and energy into something that hasn’t even happened yet. Learn to escape those false thoughts and create positive ones.

To practice rajayoga means to connect your mind to God. When we do this our intellects become unshakable and immovable. The intellect does not then fluctuate in any situation. We are all making effort to become fearless and free from animosity, regardless of what is going on around us..
Ask yourself inside: Do I have any fear? Do I have any dislike of anyone? Do I still look at the weaknesses of others? When you look at the defects of others, those defects enter you. Learn to look only at virtues and specialties. Practice this. You will then become virtuous. By being fearless we become unshakable and immovable, even when you are in the midst of challenges. If you want to become fearless, then stop all dislike or hatred of others. For this we need to go deeply into life’s most sacred questions, ‘who am I?’ and ‘who is mine?’ I am a soul and my closest relationship is with God.

Sweetness and Truth 

Sometimes we think of service as the meetings and plannings that we do "out there" in the worlds of our organizations, but the simple and powerful methods by which we serve are based on our inner stage of sweetness and truth. The Children who are sweet and truthful are loved by god. In fact the ones who are sweet and loved by everyone. If you become bitter, then you give sorrow to many.
so our words should be sweet, and our eyes should reflect spirituality. In our action and tasks there should be truthfulness. There needs to be a great deal of humility in our relationships.Be humble and all virtues will emerge  and your weaknesses will end. These are simple but powerful methods by which we serve at this time.


Different Types of Thoughts

Different Types of Thoughts


What is a Thought?

The action or process of thinking is know as a Thought.
Many make the mistake to think that the Mind is thought. No, it isn't. What we call thought is a product of the Mind and for the time being, from the human brain.

Different Types of Thoughts :

Different Types of Thoughts
There are 4 different types of thoughts :

1) Positive Thoughts
2)Negative Thoughts
3)Waste Thoughts
4)Necessary Thoughts

Positive Thoughts :

Positive Thoughts
 Positive thoughts are those thoughts which give us and others the experience of our original virtues like peace, love, joy, purity and power. They enable us to collect inner strength and equip us to wear a constructive attitude. 
Positive thinking means looking at what is beneficial in all circumstances, without being trapped in what is visible externally in those particular situations.
Thinking positively involves looking at problems and recognizing realities, but at the same time being able to find solutions without being confused and experiencing feelings of powerlessness. This often requires tolerance, patience, peace and spiritual wisdom.

Positive thoughts make one internally strong and as a result our expectations of others decrease. This does not mean that they do not matter to us, but that we no longer demand love, respect, recognition, etc. from them, which is the
best way to create long-lasting and harmonious relationships. A person who thinks positively is aware of the weaknesses of others, but even
then will direct his/her attention towards their positive sanskara's or personality traits. When we have inner happiness and are filled with positive
energy, we have the strength to accept other people as they are without wanting them to be different. This acceptance produces more stable

Negative Thoughts :

Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts not only harm you but have an impact on others also. These thoughts disturb your peace and weaken your inner strength. If these thoughts occur on a regular basis, they can cause health problems, both physical and mental. They can even become destructive.
Negative thoughts are based on the five vices primarily - lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment. They are chiefly caused by selfish and harmful reasons, without taking into account the values and inner qualities of the person
* I think they should pay me more without having to do any more work to earn
it (greed).
Negative thoughts also arise from unsatisfied expectations, in disagreements,
in laziness, revenge, racism, jealousy, criticism, hate and an excess of power.
* My boss never appreciates my work but he always values my colleagues more

Waste Thoughts :
Waste Thoughts 

Waste thoughts are thoughts that are produced at untimely moments that fill us with worry and anxiety when they appear in our minds. They have no constructive use. Unnecessary and useless thoughts are quick and repetitive which lead you nowhere. 
Often they refer to things from the past: 
* If this hadn't happened ...
* Why did she have to say that to me?
Too many thoughts are about things that we cannot change, or worries about the future: 
* What will happen tomorrow?
* How will it happen?
* What will I do if I find myself on my own?
* If I had been there at the time, this disaster would not have happened.
* If I had had this information at the time, I would have won the case.
* When I get the degree, I will be more respected by my superiors.
Your ability to concentrate is weakened by these useless thoughts. If you have a lot of these thoughts you use more energy and time to undertake each task.
The origins of negativity also reside in them.
From the time that the past has already passed and the future is yet to come,these kinds of thoughts are not useful and they also weaken your inner
strength and exhaust you. It is vital that we learn to avoid this pattern of thinking. In this way you will be more focused and your decision making
capacity will improve. 

Necessary Thoughts :
Necessary Thoughts
Necessary thoughts are those relating to your daily routine, such as,
* What am I going to have for dinner?
* What time am I picking up the children from school?
* What is the number of my bank account?
* What have I got to do today .... etc.?
They are also thoughts connected with your profession or job. These necessary thoughts related to your daily life come into your mind according to your responsibilities and needs at a more physical, material and professional level.
When these thoughts are repeated over and over again, they become unnecessary or waste thoughts.

Thought Process